Art Walk April 18 6-11 p.m.



Stuff happening out & about:

  • April 1 GRAND OPENING – The Listening Room at Club Dada with Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt, and Nic Nic’s Bro
  • April 2 The Strange Boys, The King Bucks at the Double Wide
  • April 3-5 Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2009
  • April 3 MDC at Lounge on Elm St
  • April 3 River Boat Gamblers CD Release at Club Dada
  • April 3 Quintron & Miss Pussycat at the Prophet Bar
  • April 4 Sounds under radio, The Mothers Anger, Klopek at the Lounge
  • April 4 Drumathon at Liquid Lounge rescheduled (Milo, a percussionist with Los Pro-Socials, is inviting percussion enthusiasts to join him on the corner of Main and Crowdus just outside of the Liquid Lounge at 7 pm as he serenades passers-by until he raises $1000 for Austin Street Centre of Dallas)
  • April 5 – Deep Ellum Pet Parade at the Deep Ellum Bark Park
  • April 5 Backsliders Benefit for Nate Folwer at Amsterdam Bar
  • April 8 The Dead Kenny G’s at Club Dada
  • April 9 Damon Carrol Band at Adairs
  • April 10 When Dinosaurs Ruled the World at Club Dada
  • April 11 The Nervebreakers Reunion Show at Club Dada
  • April 17 Smoke and Mirrors at Dahlia Woods Gallery
  • April 17 Lovie and Others at Live at Mokah
  • April 17 Fair to Midland, Dead Twins at the Prophet Bar
  • April 17 Gary Louris and Mark Olson (of the Jayhawks) at Sons of Hermann Hall
  • April 18 DEEP and DADA Artwalk***
  • April 18 Backsliders Benefit for Soupmobile at Sons of Hermann Hall
  • April 18 Dallas Contemporary educational panels 10:30-noon panel on how to create a great artist’s portfolio and 1-2:30 panel on appraising art
  • April 24 Damon Carrol Band CD release party at Son’s of Herman Hall with Special Guests
  • April 25 M2S2 Music Summit at Life in Deep Ellum
  • At Gallery 2910 – Tentative Sustainability Lecture Dates
    • Wednesday April 15, 2009
    • Wednesday May 20, 2009
  • April (tbd) Lemon Grass restaurant opens across from Kettle Art
  • May 2 Preservation Dallas Spring Home Tour
  • May 15 Jukebox the Ghost at Prophet Bar
  • June 10 USGBC (US Green Building Council) Panel at Life in Deep Ellum with Jeff Kiec
  • Sept 12 Deep Ellum DART Rail Line opens (along with MLK, Baylor, and Fair Park rail lines)

A Quick update on the Tax Increment Fund (TIF)

A Quick update on the Tax Increment Fund (TIF)

“Preliminary estimates for TIF public improvements total $41.2 million (for Deep Ellum.)”

Taken from the Dallas Morning News:

Voting nearly unanimously, the Dallas City Council amended the city codes to allow members of a city-sponsored tax increment financing board to “acquire property within the reinvestment zones they represent, but prohibiting them from participating and voting in matters that directly affect their acquired or existing property in the reinvestment zones.”

The code amendment also prohibits tax increment financing board members from “having direct or indirect financial interests in city contracts involving the use of TIF funds.”

More of the story is found here and you can see what the Observer had to say about it prior to the vote here.

How does this affect Deep Ellum? Well many on the TIF board who represent Deep Ellum are invested in Deep Ellum property and this code amendment means board members will need to start recusing themselves from decisions in future meetings. The image on the right illustrates the quote below (scheduled to begin in 09.)

from Addendum City Council Meeting April 9, 2008 “to execute a development agreement with Margaux City Lights Partners in an amount not to exceed $5,000,000 plus interest payable as a grant from future Deep Ellum TIF funds…”more

The full reports are linked below:

For more on the TIF/PIDs, who to contact with any questions you may have or area plans for other Dallas Districts, click here

Future Meeting Schedule:

  • April 7 Guest Speaker night at Kettle Art
  • Apr 14 Fitzgerald Studio
  • Apr 21 Sol’s Taco Lounge (TBD)

D.E.E.P. meets Tues. Jan 6 at Kettle Art at 9 p.m.

Join us this Tuesday to finalize all the last minute details for Hopelessly Devoted 2: A Night of Film in Deep Ellum.

The checklist for the night includes:

  • DVDs of Videos
  • Equipment
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Deep Ellum Books, T-Shirts

If you’ve offered any of these items please join us at Kettle Art so we know this night will be another big success. If you have not re-confirmed delivery time of contributions with Tiffany in the last week, please re-confirm now. The holidays and many sick days have taken over for many and we understand, still we need to ensure that all promised items arrive on time. Many thanks for working with us so close to the holidays!

Future Meeting Schedule:

  • Jan 6 Kettle Art Gallery
  • Jan 13 Murray’s Coffee Shop
  • Jan 20 Angry Dog (TBD crime watch returns)
  • Jan 27 Meridian Room (TBD)
  • Feb 3 Guest Speaker night at Kettle Art (looking for Deep Ellum Property owners, contact Marc Traynor if interested)

Please let Marc Traynor know if you’d like to host a DEEP meeting but be respectful of your neighbors and if we’ve met at your venue in the last year let them get a chance. Meetings are held every Tuesday night from 9 p.m. till around 11 and have an average sized group of 30. As always, food & drink specials are appreciated and your information will be posted on DEEP’s myspace and this e-mail which reaches about 2000 readers.

Stuff happening out & about:

• Jan 7 El Paso Hot Buttons/ The Blacks at The Lounge on Elm Street
• Jan 8 The Sutcliffes at Club Dada
• Jan 9 Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Bridges and Blinking Lights, RTB2 at Double Wide
• Jan 10 Hopelessly Devoted to You II: A Deep Ellum film night at Kettle Art
• Jan 10 500x Expo
• Jan 10 Lovie, The Monco Poncho, Here, in Arms, Elkhert at Club Dada
• Jan 10 Eleven Hundred Springs (Recording a LIVE Album!) at Double Wide
• Jan 12 The Donkeys at The Lounge on Elm Street
• Jan 16 Soupman benefit for the homeless at Sons of Hermann Hall
• Jan 17 Salute to Little D featuring Doug Burr, Baptist Generals, Robert Gomez, and Dust Congress at Sons of Hermann Hall
• Jan 22 Laura Harrell/ Frankie 45 / Dave Little at All Good Cafe
• Jan 23 Here Holy Spain, Crusier Weight, The Harlequins at Club Dada
• Jan 29 Fishing for Comets at Club Dada
• Jan 30 TAPES & TAPES at Club Dada
• Jan 30 Heybale featuring Redd Volkaert, Earl Poole Ball, Kevin Smith, Tom Lewis, & Gary Claxton with special guests The King Bucks at Sons of Hermann Hall
• Jan 31 New Bohemians at All Good Cafe
• Jan 31 Los Campesinos w/ Titus Andronicus at Club Dada
• Jan 31 Dove Hunter, Greater Good (Recording a Live Album!) at Double Wide

D.E.E.P. Meeting Tuesday 10/14/08 @ Omega’s (BYOB)

Deep Ellum Enrichment Project Newsletter )
Meeting at Omega’s – BYOB October 7th 2008

in this issue

  • Call And Response
  • DVD release party
  • Meeting Locations
  • Events in Deep Ellum

  • Greetings!

    The media was in Deep Ellum and no one
    It is true! A crowd assembled out front of the Door last
    Tuesday to celebrate the Talents of Frank Campagna
    and Sergio Garcia. Check out the video of
    the mural
    going up of Mark Wahlberg in the new big feature of
    Max Payne. Frank and Sergio were all over the news
    shaking the hand of Mark Wahlberg with a plethora of
    scenes of Deep Ellum. Thanks for the good work

    And the good news from the media did not end there.
    The Dallas Morning News did an article on Deep Ellum and DEEP. They
    were trying to remind people
    that Deep Ellum is not Dead, like we needed to hear
    that again. Hopefully if enough of Dallas keeps saying
    that maybe the rest of Dallas will find its way back

    The good news keeps rolling on in the hood. There
    are plenty of updates about the Deep Ellum
    Association (DEA) and the Deep Ellum Foundation
    (DEF). Sean Fitzgerald is the new interim President
    of the DEA (Gianna Medrini has termed out)
    Tanner Hockensmith is the new Vice President. The
    DEA and DEEP have been working together to
    present a proposed budget to the DEF to further some
    great events and get some new one’s rolling out for
    2009. It is great to be in a situation where all of Deep
    Ellum can start to look forward to new year full of
    promise and high expectations.

    The DEF is close to finishing a great new website for
    DE. We will keep you informed. But that is not all that
    has changed there. DEF has some new faces as
    John Hetzel is now Vice President, Mark Roberts is
    the official representative from the DEA and on the
    board, and a representative from the Ambrose is on
    well. John Tatum has resigned.

    Special thanks to
    both Gianna and John for all your hard work.

    Now more than ever we need to be secure in our
    resolve to come together and make this the funkiest
    and loudest place in all of D/FW. I like it…. Keep Deep
    Ellum Loud.

    If you missed him last week DO NOT do it again. Our
    friend Cottonmouth, TX (Jeff
    Liles) will
    be spinning at “The Lounge” every Thursday
    night. Make
    sure to make an appearance and check out
    the wide
    variety of excellent tunes. I know Cottonmouth
    will not

    Marc Traynor

    Call And Response

    Call and response

    All our hard work, has led to this weekend.

    Here is a word form Justin Dillon Director/Producer

    Tens of millions heard about the film when Justin was
    on Dr. Phil, MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN . . . and
    we are just getting started. Do us a favor: Tell your
    friends about these stories!

    Over the next week, we are moving into Seattle, Austin,
    Minneapolis, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas and the San
    Francisco East Bay Area. Please help us continue to
    tell this story – a story about a film, that is not only
    talking about an issue. . . but is doing something
    about it.

    – Justin Dillon

    Just announced:

    Oct 17th

    Q&A / Press Conference at the Angelika

    With Dallas and Forth Worth Police Departments and
    Mosaic Family Services Human

    Trafficking Program

    4:10pm screening of Call and Response (Q&A should
    start around 5:45pm)

    To purchase Dallas Tickets (Oct 17th – 23rd):

    To download the Dallas

    A limited number of posters are still available. Dallas
    screening time promotional cards
    are available. If you would like to distribute them,
    check with Tiffany Kieran. Kelly Clemons
    is starting an anti-slavery book club. Check in at the
    next meeting for details.

    Thanks again for everyone’s (Angelika, AFI, Dallas
    Video Association, DEEP, DEA, Finding Cadence, Life
    in Deep Ellum, Mosaic, Reel FX, Segue, Vickery
    Meadow and so many more) help with the film
    screenings locally.

    Tiffany Kieran

    DVD release party

    night of the WHite pants

    To bring back Deep Ellum Film nights.

    Oct. 15th at the Double Wide – join
    DEEP, Kim
    Finch of DW, Cindy Chaffin, Chelsea Callahan
    of Crystal Clear Sounds and Premiere Video
    for a special DVD release showing of “Night of
    the White Pants.” This is a movie filmed in
    Deep Ellum and Dallas. The DVD is being
    released Oct 14th. Find it at Premiere Video
    and on

    8pm – Life

    goes live at Double Wide

    10pm – FREE Screening

    1/2 Price Drafts and T-shirt give-aways!

    Director Amy Talkington will call in for a

    phone interview, pending baby news. (She’s

    due this month. Congrats to Amy!)

    3510 Commerce

    Come join us for a great time!


    A bag full of drugs; an ex-trophy wife with a
    court order; a groupie searching for a judge;
    and an ex-CEO with nothing to call his own
    except the head of a deer. In a single summer
    night in Dallas, Texas, these things all come
    crashing together in a punk fable about letting
    go and learning how to let it ride.

    Starring: Selma Blair (Kath and Kim, Legally
    Blond), Tom Wilkinson (In the Bedroom,
    Michael Clayton), Nick Stahl (Carnivale, Sin
    City, In the Bedroom), Frances Fisher
    (Titanic), Janine Turner (Friday Night Lights,
    Northern Exposure).

    Directed by Amy Talkington (Dallas native).
    Produced by Anne Harrison. Director of
    Photography – Jim Denault. Thanks to all the
    cast and crew for an amazing time

    filming in Dallas. The film features much of
    historic Dallas – Deep Ellum, the Adolphus
    Hotel and Swiss Ave.

    Meeting Locations

    10/21 Crime Watch @ Senator West’s

    10/21 Franzini’s (Need To Confim)

    10/28 Hub Theater

    11/4 Guest Speaker @ Kettle: Scott Beck

    11/11 Residence Party

    Events in Deep Ellum

    *Sept 26 – Oct 19 Texas State Fair;

    *Oct 15 Night of the White Pants screens FREE at
    Double Wide

    *Oct 16 Blender at the Gallery at Reel FX

    *Oct 17 – 19 Amsterdam Bar Oktoberfest (and
    renovations revealing)

    *Oct 17 – 23 Call and Response screens at Angelika

    *Oct 17 El Gato and Lovie at Club Dada

    *Oct 17 Mokah Coffee Shop Grand Re-opening (soon
    with a patio!)

    *Oct 17 Tomorrow People, Milky Soul (LA) at Double

    *Oct 17 Steven Hopwood-Lewis Closing Reception &
    Gallery Talk at the Public

    *Oct 18 Into the Wild New Works at Kettle Art

    *Oct 18 Rebelation at Hal Samples Gallery

    *Oct 18 Dallas Derby Devils (Roller Derby ) Award
    Show at Club Dada

    *Oct 19 Texas State Fair ends

    *Oct 19 Malcolm¢s Back Alley Swap Meet

    *Oct 23 Wantain ( Sweden ) at Reno¢s

    *Oct 25 Moby DJ Set/Meltdown Dallas Block Party at
    Lizard Lounge

    *Oct 25 Finding Cadence at Live at Mokah

    *Oct 25 Sarah Jaffe and the O’s at AllGood Cafe

    *Oct 30 The Pink Spiders at The Prophet Bar

    *Oct 31 Halloween Party and Scareoke with DJ Rid at
    the Double Wide

    *Nov 7 And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead at
    Club Dada

    *Nov 8 N.R.G. (Sergio Garcia, Richard Ross, Mark
    Nelson) at Kettle Art Gallery

    *Nov 8 The Joint Method at The Prophet Bar (in the
    big room)

    *Nov 8 CHUCK RAGAN of Hot Water Music, TOM
    GABEL of AGAINST ME, Ben Nichols of LUCERO, Tim
    Barry of AVAIL

    *Nov 9 Deep Ellum Short Film screens at Dallas Video

    *Nov 13 Cha Cha¢s 5th Annual Rock n¢ Roll for
    Charity Ball at Double Wide

    *Nov 14 Boys Named Sue at the AllGood Cafe

    *Nov 16 Malcolm¢s Back Alley Swap Meet

    *Nov 18 Singers in the Round (Laura Harrell, Frankie
    45 and Cricket Taylor
    at the AllGood Cafe

    *November 19 Old Red Sings the Blues (highlighting
    Deep Ellum history) at the
    Old Red Museum of Dallas County
    History &
    Culture (

    *Nov 21 Sons of William (from Houma) at the Prophet

    *Nov 22 Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash at Sons of Herman
    FREE. 3-10pm

    *Nov 29 Holiday Presence 4 (Affordable art gifts) at
    Kettle Art Gallery

    *Dec 6 Spector 45 CD Release at Club Dada

    *Dec 10 Fishbone at the Prophet Bar (in the big

    *Dec 13 Ice Cube at the Prophet Bar (in the big

    *Dec 19 Toys for Tots Benefit w/The Crash that Took
    Me at Sons of Hermann Hall

    *Dec 19 King’s X at the Prophet Bar (in the big

    *Dec 21 Malcolm¢s Back Alley Swap Meet

    Quick Links…

    Deep Ellum Art Walk Saturday from 6-11 p.m.

    The Art Walk is this Saturday! Click here to download the flyer We hope to see flyer in everyone’s windows this week!

    Here’s a list of some galleries scheduled to open their doors: 2917 Gallery, 500X, Alcantara Arts, Avenue Arts, Barry Whistler, Blue Square Art, Chi Studios, Continental Gin Studios, Copasetic Ballyhoo, Dahlia Woods, Excuses, Gallery 2910, Hal Samples Gallery, Hub Theater, Kettle Art, Latino Cultural Center, Life in Deep Ellum, Meridian Room, Michael Cross Gallery, Mitchell Lofts, Mutt Gallery, Public Trust, Road Agent, Sean Fitzgerald, Spiralglass Studio, Studio Fling, Undermain Theatre, Whitney Gallery, and more*

    * Gallery listing subject to change

    Also this day:
    Method Entertainment

    2nd Annual Method Mayhem BBQ
    Date: Saturday, September 13th
    Venue: Club Dada (2720 Elm St.)
    Age: All Ages
    Doors: 2:00 PM
    Cover: $10 (Over 21) $15 (Under 21)
    “10 Bands and Free BBQ”
    Performance Schedule:
    3:00 PMThe O’s
    6:00 – Rahim Quazi
    7:00 – King Bucks
    8:00 – Here in Arms
    12:00 AMDeadman

    DADA Gallery Walk

    10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

    This FREE event allows art lovers to engage in stimulating discussions, socialize, and roam (in a car) from art space to art space all in one day. You choose your starting place. Brochures with maps will be available at each location or click on the brochure icon on this page to print your own. Hours may vary; please see individual listings. Proceeds collected at the art spaces will benefit the Edith Baker Art Scholarship.

    A special treat this year will be performances by singers from The Dallas Opera at The MAC from 2-2:30 p.m. and at MADI from 3-3:30 p.m.

    DEEP meeting Tuesday 9 p.m. at DoubleWide


    blog myspace facebook

    Next Meeting at Double Wide

    3510 Commerce St

    Dallas, TX 75226

    (214) 887-6510

    Tuesday July 22, at 9 p.m.

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    click here for sponsorship information

    News of da hood:

    The Big A… ( I know I’ve been teasing a big announcement…and
    for the 4 or 5 readers who still land here every once in awhile, and took
    the time to email me with questions, I figure now’s as good a time
    as any to spill the beans sooooooo…I’m the new co-owner of
    Club Dada….

    Deep Ellum artist George Sellers’ loft mirrors his eclectic style(Dallas
    Morning News) Nine years ago, he moved into his rented shotgun-style loft
    in Deep Ellum and immediately began fixing it up. “Even when you
    rent, you have to live like a …

    The cowboy way (WFAA) In other Jason Boso news, the Twisted Root proprietor
    has just launched another culinary concept in Deep Ellum. The Westernized
    digs of Cowboy Chow (2801 Commerce St., 214-742-2469) opened this week,
    dishing up so-called open-range cuisine that includes brisket tacos, gourmet
    sloppy Joes and ice cream sandwiches made with freshly baked cookies.

    Deep Ellum has gone cowboy. (Fort Worth Star) Cowboy Chow is open at 2801
    Commerce St. in Deep Ellum, offering brisket tacos, tequila chicken and
    chili by the owners of popular Twisted Root Burger Company. Right now
    it’s a lunch-only cafe. (But at least it’s open Saturdays.)

    The Pin Show brings fashion to Deep Ellum (Pegasus News) Instead of local
    screamo bands and sulking teenagers, Deep Ellum venue The Door was full
    of fashionistas, DJs and local …

    Local restaurant voted top in Texas (Weatherford Democrat) The restaurant’s
    roots run to Deep Ellum, where the original Baker’s Ribs still serves
    favorites like beef brisket and pulled pork. Completely family-owned …

    Editorial: Deep Ellum’s future (Dallas Morning News) Deep Ellum has always been
    the other side of the tracks.

    The Reverend Horton Heat coming to Pozo Saloon (San Luis News) According
    to the bandleader, a bar owner in Deep Ellum, Texas, gave him the heavenly
    handle, nicknaming him “Horton” after country singer Johnny
    Horton and …

    Also one of DE/EP’s favorite patio’s, Expo Park Cafe, has closed their doors… you’ll be missed.


    • SUP’s & CO’s
      • Who is still havingproblems and how do we help
    • Art Walk (special request, does anyone have a vector drawing of Deep Ellum’s streets? I don’t want to redraw it if one already exists)
      • Time Line
        • Next Month
        • Two Months out
        • Sept. 13 event
        • Sept. 9, 2009 DART
          Line opens with 2009 Art Walk
      • Break into

        • Galleries & Alternative Spaces
        • Marketing & Promotions
        • After Party
    • Discuss future meetings
      • Locations
      • Guest Speakers
    • Helpbring the Concert to End Slavery to Dallas. Go to: Click “Respond“at the top and enter your email and your location in DFW. For more information,they can contact Tiffany or Kelly at the meetings.

    Finally, this note from our fearless leader:

    Greetings from the Deep Ellum Enrichment Project!

    It is time to start planning for the next DEEP Art Walk. This year we
    will be working in conjunction with the Dallas Art Dealers Association
    (DADA). So, please mark your calendar on Saturday, September 13th from
    6-11pm, because Deep Ellum and Exposition Park will be swarming with art

    D.E.E.P. needs to know if you plan to be involved, so please respond back
    if you are interested. We are in the process of creating promotional packages,
    press releases, etc, and we need to know who will be participating. Even
    if you have already given us a verbal agreement, please email me back,
    so we can confirm your involvement.

    If you would like to participate in the planning of the event, please
    come to our weekly Tuesday meetings @ 9pm in Deep Ellum.

    For future meeting locations see

    Thank you for your time and participation,

    Marc Traynor

    President of DE/EP

    (469) 767-2986

    D.E.E.P. Meeting

    7/22 Double Wide

    7/29 Bar of Soap (to confirm)

    8/05 Kettle Art Guest Speaker (to confirm)

    8/12 Sankofa (to confirm)

    8/19 Crime Watch at Excuses

    Stuff happening out & about:

    July 22 An Insider’s
    Guide to Historic Enforcement at Preservation
    6–8 p.m.

    July 24 video and new
    media art at Central Trak

    July 24 Relapse Records tour: Origin, Misery Index, Abysmal Dawn, Fistration
    at Reno’s Chop Shop

    July 25 Digital Kinesis 01: An evening of digital video at Central

    July 25 Slick 57 REUNION SHOW with/ Todd Deatherage at DoubleWide

    July 25 – NOT BAD COMEDY NIGHT #5 at All
    Good Cafe

    July 26 The APPLES in STEREO at Sons
    of Hermann Hall

    July 26 Town Square Magazine presents Deep Culture in Deep Ellum at Club

    July 28 Green Jello, Mobile Deathcamp(member of Gwar) at Reno’s
    Chop Shop

    July 31 Richard Lloyd of TELEVISION with/ Backsliders & Escort Service
    at Club DADA

    July 31 last chance to see Anagram Productions: Biography at Hub

    Aug 1 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are gracing the stage of Club

    Aug 1 AIRLINE at All
    Good Cafe

    Aug 3 Last chance to see Biography at Hub
    (now thru Aug 3)

    Aug 8 Forgotten Space Happy Hour, Valiant Thorr, Early Man, Skeleton Witch,
    Golden Axe at Club DADA

    Aug 9 Shaky Amy Benefit GREAT Dallas bands rockin for a GREAT cause at
    Club DADA

    Aug 11 THE HUSH SOUND at the Prophet

    Aug 22 Link Wray’s Raymen, Truck Stop Junkies, The Atoms at Club

    of Hermann Hall

    Aug 23 Thunderbird Waltz at Hub
    r (shows start Aug 8)

    Sept 13 Deep Ellum Art Walk with cooperation and in conjunction
    with DADA art walk

    Fun stuff that happens every week in the hood:

    • Every Mon – Bad A** Jazz Night at the Amsterdam Bar
    • Every Tues – Yoga at Space – 6:30 – 8
    • Every Wed – Swing Dancing at Sons of Hermann Hall– 8 – 9
    • Every Wed – Film Night at All Good Cafe (this month spotlights Oliver Stone)
    • Every Thurs – Scaraoke with D.J. Mr. Rid at Meridian Room and starting in Aug. Rockabilly night at Club Dada
    • Every Fri. & Sat – Improv night at Mouth and Ad-Libs
    • Every Sat – Open Mic and Spoken Word at Sankofa
    • Every Sunday – Picker’s Jam at Adair’s at 2pm & Yoga at Space at 6:30 p.m.

    that’s all I know! (all events chosen due to impact on neighborhood, national touring artists, involvement with DEEP and DEA and those events which support humanitarian, social, environmental and charitable interests) Contact Paul if you have an event coming up that should be posted